our mission.

At Link, we strive to build bridges between Germans of a non-migrant background and those of a migrant background.

our vision.

We envision a new German identity–one that welcomes the integration of immigrants while also preserving its national heritage.

Our Initiatives

building stability.

We partner with local organizations in all 15 states who help address and meet the immediate needs of immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. Our aim is to help these valued newcomers get their feet on solid ground.

building community.

At Link we, believe in creating oppurtunities for ethinic Germans and migrant-background Germans to build relationships with oneanother, whether it's over a shared meal in a local-family's home, or at a Link Festival event.

building futures.

We empower immigrants and refugees to envision and plan for their futures, equipping them with the necessary resources and tools. Our main efforts involve networking foreigners with career building schools and jobs.


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join the movement.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in Germany for 50 years or if you just arrived yesterday, link can help you build stability, community, and a future in Germany. We are calling the German people to open up their hearts, homes, and lives to the immigrants and refugees who a now trying to rebuild their lives in a foreign land.

link is for everyone.

We are a national movement commited to building bridges between all people groups. Join us in our mission to create a place where cross cultural relationships can take root and flourish.